Cyclone Debbie crosses through Queensland

Cyclone Debbie crosses through Queensland

By Sean Mcbain on Mar 29 2017

On the 28th of March Tropical Cyclone Debbie, at a Category 4, made it's way across the Coast of Queensland before moving further down the expectant state. 

Such an event hasn't been seen since Cyclone Yasi in 2011 and though it was not as severe, the residents of Far North Queensland remember all too well the amount of disruption and destruction Yasi brought with it.  
With Cyclone Yasi being recorded as the most expensive cyclone (not including inflation) in terms of damage in Queensland's history, the full impact of Debbie's assault on the coast has not been fully realized yet, with restoring power to some 63,000 residents and repairing damaged roads being prioritized.  
The accounts of residents in Mackay and Bowen were being live streamed by Emergency Services online, with people calling in to liken the hostile weather event to the sound of 'constant jets flying' overhead. Afterwards many people recounted that the cyclone appeared to intensify after the eye had passed by, some even saying 'We now have indoor swimming pools' according to ABC Emergency's Twitter page, reporting many were shocked by just how destructive Cyclone Debbie actually was. 
Hamilton Island and the Whitsundays bore the full brunt of the cyclone, with widespread damage being reported almost instantaneously.


Residents spray paint fence to show resilience in the face of Cyclone Debbie. Source:


Lucky for some, but not for others, Townsville City held onto its reputation of seemingly repelling the full force of tropical cyclones that have developed off the coast within the past ten years. With Cyclone Yasi, Townsville was on the edge of the destructive storm system, and now with Cyclone Debbie appearing to completely avoid Townsville in spite of early predictions that it would move over us much like Yasi did and Larry before that. 
This however, didn't stop Townsville from remembering it has experienced its fair share, and locals stocked up on emergency supplies before Townsville was declared out of the 'Warning Zone' by 4:00PM 28th March. 
Now that Queensland is left with remnants of the 120k/ph, Category 4 cyclone, the storm system is making a move further south towards Sydney, with heavy rain and winds expected to occur within the region in the next few days. 
Emergency Services are urging people in areas that have been severely impacted by Cyclone Debbie to not travel in areas that have not yet been declared safe by local officials, to be aware of fallen powerlines and to always remember 'If it's flooded, forget it.'