Townsville to become 'an investor hotspot'

Townsville to become 'an investor hotspot'

By Sean Mcbain on Mar 10 2017

The Townsville Bulletin reported late February that according to real estate experts in property investment, Townsville is looking more and more likely to regain its strong annual growth in the property market that began to decline after 2011.  

Townsville's own dogged troubles within the property market in the past few years have appeared more than uninspiring to potential investors and homeowners in the local region.   
However, just late last year when dramatic changes appeared to be occurring left and right, Townsville's own vacancy rates in key suburbs made a turnaround.  
This coupled along with the long awaited promises of significant investment in Townsville's tourism, infrastructure and local businesses - with planning underway with the South Townsville Stadium and upgrades to the CBD - confidence in our regional area appears to have been renewed with Townsville expected to regain its former glory of six years prior.  
Christie Anderson of the Townsville Bulletin reported that these examples of a stronger property market have been duly noted by experts like Terry Ryder, a specialist researcher for 30 years, creator of and frequent guest speaker and consultant on national television for residential property issues.   
“With so many large-scale projects in its future, Townsville is poised to return to growth and tuned-in investors will be looking around for opportunities.”  
Terry Ryder warned that although Townsville is due to make a comeback, it needs to gradually improve and recover before we'll see significant growth.  
This however, he says, is usual and should be no deterrent for investing in a property market that is presenting fantastic opportunities for anyone willing to jump on them.